Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awards Awards!

My dear Jennifer gave me an award today!

With this award, I have to write down 10 things about myself that no one knows. Which is tough, because I share a lot about myself!

Here it goes:
1. I wear my mom's class ring on my right pinky and my class ring on my right ring finger.
2. The first character I ever conjured up was Mathilda. She was a princess who tended her own garden and read a book a week.
3. I think 90% of the things I write are shit.
4. About 6 months after I became vegetarian, I had a slip and ate a burger from White Castle.
5. But since then, I've never had a morsel of meat.
6. I can resist any type of junk food, even if I'm craving it severely. The only exception being cheese doodles. I crumble when they're around.
7. My first vintage purchase was a faded, cropped Led Zepplin t-shirt which I no longer have.
8. I have my dream wedding all written out and stashed away somewhere.
9. I believe that my family members come back as monarch butterflies after they pass.
10. In December, I'm getting my first tattoo of a monarch butterfly.

I'm giving this award to amanda & kate of the lovely blog i found you in melbourne.

Expect a poem this week! I'm back in New York and things are going wonderfully. I'm surrounding myself with people who make me feel giddy and help my creativity.

Have a wonderful day.


Jennifer said...

Hurrah, glad you like ze award! That is so cute how you wear your mum's glass ring on your right pinky - and no 90% of the things you write is not shit! I believe you have such a creative imagination it's very lovely! Keep positive dear, eek I've written your postcard and I shall send it to you pronto! I can't wait for yours too! :D :D

Much love,

Jennifer xoxo

amanda said...

Thanks so much!!! It has been ages since we received an award and it only happened one time. Maybe Kate and I could do five true things each. I will have to confer with her.

PS I love that you guys are sending postcards. Postcards are so underrated.

sarah goggin said...

#9 is dear