Sunday, May 17, 2009

Awards + Summer Winds

Hello lovelies!! Once again, I apologize for neglecting my blog. But the semester is finally over and I have seemingly limitless time to lounge around, dig my toes in the sand on the beach, and read read read. I just finished up a really fantastic book called "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Thom Wolfe. I have to say, as an older writer, Wolfe completely understands (after extensive research, I presume) the life of a collegiate. If you're looking for a quick 600-page read, I suggest you pick it up.

One of these days, I'm going to put a list up of my favorite books of all time. I believe that reading is the most fruitful pastime one can partake in, as it expands your mind, vocabulary and quickly transports you to another place - cheaper than buying a plane ticket! I'd love to share my favorites with my lovely readers.

I plan on writing a lot more now that I'm on summer vacation. So look out for some more poetry, short stories, etc. And the beach town where I reside for the summer is chock full of antique stores and vintage shops. I can't wait to share my finds with you! Anyone have any plans for the summer time? I'd love to hear.

On a separate note, I've received my first award! This is from the lovely Mila of Loveology. Loveology is one of the first blogs I ever followed and is one I read religiously. Please, check it out! A million thank-yous, Mila!

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen.

Since I'm a new blogger myself (in fact, May is my 6-month anniversary of the start of this blog! Hooray!) I don't have 15 blogs that I've newly discovered. So I'll just give it to the lovelies I have discovered thus far.

1. Jennifer of Make.Tea.Not.War - we have a shared interest in vintage books, and she makes the most effortlessly beautiful jewelry!
2. Kara of All Things Ordinary - who just put out her first zine! Pick up issue one, which is available via her blog. It is absolutely breathtaking!
3. Kim of  COFFEE OVER CONVERSATION - one of my favorite fashion bloggers. This beautiful girl has such a daring eye for fashion!
4. Sarah of kissing her cage goodbye - the newest blog I've been following. Such gorgeous photographs and adorable quotes. I found a wonderful quote from Rumi via her blog! Beautiful...
5. Lucia of Lucia's Patterns - this girl has such a fun and unique sense of style that I LOVE reading about! The best part is she shares her inspiring outfits with her readers!
6. Angela of Rags and Scribbles - one of the first blogs I ever read. Angela's post are raw and emotional, and she has the most beautiful eye for photography I've ever seen.
7. Micaela of The Drifter and the Gypsy - while she is currently on a personal hiatus, Micaela delivers beautiful passages accompanied by wonderful photographs. She even interviews with the photographers themselves!
8. the tea drinking english rose - I could read this blog for hours! Sprinkles with tea parties, macaroons, yummy sweets and treats and gorgeous china teacups, you are instantly transported to a lovelier place.
9. Michelle K. of Make Polaroids Not War - Michelle shares with us a wonderful collection of fun, vintage photographs. She also lets us take a peek into her world with extensive personal posts. Such a treat!

So there they are! Once again, mucho thanks to Mila for such a lovely award and for giving me the opportunity to showcase my favorite blogs!

Take care, my sweets.

Maria Angela


¶ MICHELLE.K said...

thank you sweet for the lovely award & I hope you enjoy your summer vacation (:

♥ M

Łucja said...

Oh my! Thank You a lot, dear! Tomorrow I'm writting my last, very important exam, so You just made my day :) Of curse I will write entry about an award soon.
When it comes to holiday, tomorrow I'm starting the longest holidays ever! It will take more than 4 moths, just because I've graduated something like high school and I'm starting uni in October. Now I'll have much more spare time for reading every entry, which You will prepare, attentively and translating my own (sorry that I didn't do it enought well). I hope that You will find it interesing :)

sarah said...

Oh wow! Thank you ever so much, I REALLY appreciate this!!!! I'll blog it as soon as I get a chance. You've made my day:)

Jennifer said...

Awh! Thank you so much for your dear award! :) Hope you have a fabulous vacation, I'm definitely looking forward to more of your lovely literature! Eep! I'm going to place the award on my side bar of my blog! Yay ;)


Carly Anne said...

Congrats my love on the award. Miss you. I am new to the blog world. I love reading your work, as always, hopefully Thom checks it out sometime! ;)