Monday, April 20, 2009


Before I begin this: I just want to apologize for how terribly neglectful I've been to my blog! The semester's coming to a close and I've just been completely bogged down with work. But know that I love you, my lovely followers.
xo Maria Angela


She inhaled, and he could almost see the air rushing into her mouth, in between her parted lips that had turned blue from the cold. He couldn't help but notice the way her thin cotton dress clung to her shoulders... her ribcage... her hip bones. And he was aware of how severely he wanted to crush those slender hips into his. Her hair was mated to her head and pale face. She exhaled, her sweet breath escaping from her sapphire lips, that were still parted.

Don't lose sight of what we are. 

He grabbed her hips and pulled them against his. His lips fit like puzzle pieces between hers. Their breath mixed. Hers was sweet with rose water, his was salty with soy. His rough and dirty fingers grapples with her wet cotton dress and fixed themselves in her chestnut hair. A passer-by would not be able to separate their bodies. 

Don't lose sight of what we are.

He wrapped his olive arms around her waist and placed her feather-weight body around him. Her pale white legs encircled him, her hands exploring his body like an unknown land. As one single being, they made their way to the unmade bed with clean white sheets.  Her cotton dress somehow made it to the carpet and was forming a puddle alongside his grey t-shirt. His jeans came off, but his socks stayed on. But he didn't care. Their bodies tangled, the two collapsed onto the bed with a satisfied sign. Like a weary traveler finally returning home after a long journey.

Don't lose sight of what we are.

They paused for a minute. He lifted his head and looked over her, memorizing her body like a map. The drops of rain that were left behind from her discarded cotton dress ran across her skin like miniature rivers. He took in the valleys and mountains of her curves, her now pink and swollen lips that produced the sweetest breath he'd ever tasted.  She was a cave that was so familiar yet so strange at the same time, and he was trembling, waiting to enter. Her breath quickened, and she caressed his shoulders. That was his invitation. He took a step, pressed forward, and basked in the wave of pleasure that overtook him.

Don't lose sight of what we are. 
Don't lose sight of what we are.
Don't lose sight of what we are.

When it was over, her sweet breath was labored. Streaks of dirt crisscrossed her stomach from his fingers and her mouth was dry. He lifted his head once more and looked into her eyes harder than he ever had before. Hers were smiling back. She parted her lips... still pink and swollen and waiting to accept his. He pressed his mouth to hers, and somewhere in their mix of breath whispered "I love you."

We are one.


amanda said...

lovely, as always.

Łucja said...

Oh, don't feel guilty - we always wait for You :) I know, what You mean - I'm finishing my school and passing 5 very important exams. It's hard to cope with all this work, buut...pleasure of blogging and meeting new people is stronger :)

alexandra jane said...

oh my hell that was so beautiful. sigh how romantic. ;)

sarah said...

Very evocative and so romantic....keep up the wonderful writing.

Rina said...

Hi Maria Angela! I´m so happy to had found your blog! I loved it! I

Jennifer said...

Oh my! You're back! Yupieee :D Hope the semester works well for you! How have you been? Miss hearing from you! :) lalalaa.. My semester is commencing any time soon, eep! I'm real excited - in some what way or another! haha. Have you done any shopping lately? Hope to hear from you soon dear.

Love, Jen.

Jennifer said...

P.S. You're writing is again - beautiful. :)

Jack Daniel said...

Interesting blog. Really.

¶ MICHELLE.K said...

such beautiful writing.

M x