Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Darling,

The rain is seeping through and soaking my skin, but I'll keep waiting. The flowers have wilted and their petals have floated away. But when you come back I'll give you a bouquet of stems and all of my love.

My mind is wandering. To children with curls and sugar in their teeth. When life was lived in technicolor. We were young and we had dirty feet and hands. Isn't it funny how long ago it was, but how close it feels? I can smell your mother's cupcakes that we used to feed one another. The icing would smear across our faces and you'd grab my cheeks and kiss my sugary lips. Our first kiss was a cupcake kiss.

We grew up and out of our socks and shirts but never out of each other. Our elastic hearts stretched and expanded with our ever-growing love. We moved out and on, but together. We grew closer and moved to the city. Away from our technicolor childhoods. Cigarettes and coffee replaced cupcakes and lemonade. But our feet and hands were still dirty.

Life is hard, but when I close my eyes real tight I can hear children giggling. This is what I want for us. I want babies with curls and sugar in their teeth. I want to bake them cupcakes and give them sugary kisses. I want to welcome the wrinkles that will dig themselves into my face with you. I want our elastic hearts to stretch so far that they can never snap back.

I'm still waiting. And I'll keep waiting until I hear your heavy leather boots coming down the sidewalk. I'll run to you and give you a bouquet of stems and all of my love.

Come back to me. Safe and sound.

I love you.

Your Dearest Dear

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